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Los Miembros de la OMC concluyen un nuevo bloque de reuniones sobre las subvenciones a la pesca



El 2 de diciembre, al finalizar las reuniones celebradas durante dos días a nivel de Jefes de Delegación, el Presidente del Grupo de Negociación sobre las Normas, Embajador Santiago Wills (Colombia) dijo que proseguiría las consultas que mantiene con los Miembros de la OMC sobre el desarrollo de las próximas etapas de las negociaciones.

During the meetings, delegations responded to questions posed by the chair about determinations of illegal, unreported or unregulated (IUU) fishing; sustainability considerations in the prohibition of subsidies contributing to overcapacity and overfishing; and special and differential treatment for developing and least-developed countries.

Prior to this meeting, members have been involved in almost continuous “intersessional” discussions after the last cluster of meetings on 2-6 November to discuss many of the key parts of the revised text that the chair introduced on 2 November, including dispute settlement; subsidy disciplines in the areas of IUU fishing, overfished stocks, and overfishing and overcapacity; and special and differential treatment. The “Friend of the Chair”, Ambassador Didier Chambovey of Switzerland, also continued his consultations on special and differential treatment and reported back to members.

The chair noted that much progress has been made this year in spite of the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 crisis, with members conducting intensive negotiations on the basis of a single consolidated draft document, issued in June and now in its second version. The chair said he will continue consultations in the coming days, ahead of the meeting of the General Council on 16-17 December, on how members would like to move negotiations forward.

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