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OMC – El Fondo para la Aplicación de Normas y el Fomento del Comercio publica el Informe Anual 2019


El 11 de junio, el Fondo para la Aplicación de Normas y el Fomento del Comercio (STDF) publicó su informe anual de 2019, con el título “Facing the future: shaping safe trade outcomes for developing countries” (Mirando al futuro: configurar resultados en materia de comercio seguros para los países en desarrollo). El informe destaca la forma en que el STDF apoya los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible de las Naciones Unidas y responde a las necesidades emergentes.

(de momento sólo en inglés)

Case stories and infographics in the report capture the results and lessons from STDF’s global activities, including donor-financed projects ranging from transforming agriculture to investing in technologies to facilitate business across borders. The report shares how STDF has helped to generate jobs, raise incomes and protect livelihoods, with 71 per cent of funding assisting least-developed and other low-income countries in 2019.

Since pests and diseases can all too easily spread worldwide, promoting plant and animal health and food safety across supply chains is more important than ever. The report shows how STDF is building multi-stakeholder activities, investing in safe trade systems and increasing assistance for developing countries. This will also help to support economic recovery.


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