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El Director General Azevedo agradece el firme apoyo de los líderes del G7



El Director General Azevêdo agradeció la firme declaración de apoyo a la OMC y el sistema multilateral de comercio que se incluyó en el comunicado que emitieron los líderes del G7 en su Cumbre celebrada en Schloss Elmau (Alemania). El Director General asistió a la Cumbre para informar a los líderes del G7 de la situación de las negociaciones en curso en la OMC y de la importancia de la décima Conferencia Ministerial que se celebrará en diciembre en Nairobi.


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The Leaders’ Declaration issued at the end of the summit gave a strong message of support for this work. In addition to the leaders of the usual G7 participants (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, US and EU), also present were the leaders of Ethiopia, Iraq, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia and the Commission of the African Union.

Director-General Azevêdo said:

“2015 is an important year for the multilateral system. On trade we need to support growth and development by advancing negotiations on the Doha Development Agenda. I told G7 members that delivering a work programme by July will be an important step to ensuring that the Ministerial Conference in Nairobi is a success, and that it delivers important outcomes, particularly for our least-developed members. This may be the best chance we have had to complete the DDA.

“While good engagement has been evident from WTO members over recent months,    I am becoming increasingly worried about the current pace of progress, especially in the key areas of agriculture, industrial products and services. I told G7 leaders that political will and leadership will be essential here — and the time to take the big political calls is rapidly approaching.”

The Director-General also underlined the importance of implementing all of the decisions taken in Bali, including those which deal specifically with LDC issues.

The Director-General said he welcomed the key elements in the Communiqué on trade, particularly the call “… for swift agreement by July of a WTO post-Bali work programme that secures a prompt conclusion and balanced outcome of the Doha Round”.

The Communiqué continued:

“We must build on the success of the 2013 WTO Ministerial, which reinvigorated the negotiating pillar of the WTO, and demonstrated that flexibility is achievable within the consensus framework of the WTO. We look forward to the discussions at the G20 on ways to make the multilateral trading system work better, based on input from the WTO.”

The Director-General also welcomed the strong support of the G7 for the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement.

The Director-General will continue his consultations this week in Geneva towards agreeing the Doha work programme by July.



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